Creating Moments That Matters

Learn How To Maintain That Ultra Lifestyle!

Keeping Up With The Lifestyles

We can never stop the human needs to seek pleasure in life. The joy, the thrill, and the excitement; often bring us a new meaning and purpose in life. But all these activities, they don’t usually come for free. Most of the time, they’re going to cost us.

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Our Favourite Dining Routine:

Are you looking for a soul-blowing restaurant to impress that special someone but also looking for ways to cut cost?

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Leisure Activities You'll Love

Leisure can be seen as an essential tool that helps people cope with stress. It is also vital to maintain and promote your physical and mental health. Learn how you can do all these by not burdening your wallet.

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Are you Shopping Too Much?

Most of us love to shop to the extent that we spend too much or regret an impulse purchase. Moreover, when it comes to impulse shopping, we often buy things regardless if we can afford them. At some point, it may be difficult to tell if we are, or a loved one is, a shopaholic. While “retail therapy” can be dangerous to our wallet, there are dozens of ways to save and still have fun shopping.

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Spending Vs Saving

We are all guilty of spending more than we should save. If we can save every penny from everything that we spend, how much will we actually end up saving?? When it comes to personal finance, everything matters, from the service charge/taxes to the discounted price and other promotions. Lifestyle is essential for our soul and life purpose, but money management is the engine that drives these lifestyles.

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