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You are always on your phone, and you’re always on the Internet, you are always spending the time calling/texting your loved one & etc. We have spent too much time and money just by communicating. Every second will cost us money. Furthermore, these days we are so dependent on Internet data. Find out what is important to us when it comes to subscribing to phone line & internet data plan.

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Phone Line

What you need to know before subscribing to a phone line. It is usually a lightweight responsibility, but it is still one of the most common utilities that make people save less (if they do not know that they are doing)

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Data Plan

Data, Data, Data! We are all addicted to the internet. However, with a good data plan comes good(sarcasm) pricing too. Learn what you need to know before selling your soul to the evil corporate internet provider.

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Home/Office Broadband

With good WIFI connection. You heard of these terms; Fiber Optic Cable, Mesh Wifi, Router, Modem, Unlimited Data, Capped Speed, & etc. But do you know what it all means? This fancy terms might end up sucking your wallet dry

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Phone Plan

FREE phones! who wouldn’t like free phones (or at least discounted phones). But internet provider who is giving out these offer often asking a long term (typically 2 years) contract with you. And those contract normally don’t come cheap.

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