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Topics We Cover

Credit Card

Swiping can be a feel good addiction. Learn how to choose your Credit Card. "What to look at" & "What to avoid"


Fixed Deposits, Mutual Fund, Amanah Saham, & Etc. Which of this will be a champion in your wealth portfolio. Sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit!


Loan isn't all bad. It's how you decide to use it and manage it. Read more about loans here. Remember, you can leverage your profit on the right asset with the right loan


One of the biggest feat in most people's life. "What to look at" & "how to choose the best property". We also throw in some interior design tips (non-expert opinion of course)


Insurance. The one thing that protect you in case things goes sideways. But taking unnecessary "benefits" might cost your wallet to dry up like the sahara desert

Passive Income

Learn to be a little financial free and have some space to breathe by building your own passive income. Affliate Marketing + E-Commerce combo!

Finance Hack

Figure ways to hack around to save cost and avoid spending shit loads of mohneh (money)

Finance Management

If you can't manage your expensive, It's time to sell your butt on the street. In this topic, we cover about planning, wealth management, and risk management


Banks are the biggest evil sinners of the world, but they are also an essential part to the economy and society. Learn how to play the banking game. Choose the right bank.

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